We are committed to helping our clients meet their financial goals. Specializing in retirement planning; we advise clients during working years as they accumulate assets and work with retirees to manage assets and distribution options during retirement years.

A Proven Approach


We start by clarifying your goals and analyzing your current portfolio. We'll discuss your risk tolerance, concerns and worries around investing, and answer questions you have about retirement.   Then we work together to design an investment strategy for you.

Why Us?


Because we're fun!  And we can talk to you in regular terms, explain your options and help you make sense of investing and retirement.  Oh yeah, and we have more than 30 years of experience between the two of us.  Check out our bios below for more details.

Our Team

Jake Lauritsen, Financial Advisor


Stephanie Lauritsen, CFP ®️


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It is never too early to get started on your retirement. Tell us more about your goals, and we will get you started on a plan to achieve them.

Retirement Planners

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